Proclaiming the Irreducible-Teacher-Core

In the two previous blogs (here and here), I explored what makes an effective teacher….but this has pretty much transmogrified (see @Calvinn_Hobbes) into there is an irreducible core of teacher.

I have been reading @Raymodraco’s excellent biography of Ludwig Wittgenstein, and have reached the point where Ludwig finally writes Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus after about 7 years of thought and note making. From what I have read so far, Ludwig combined philosophical logic with metaphysical mysticism to arrive at the thesis that many things can’t be talked about, they can only be shown. It’s like when you feel an idea deep within you and it’s trying to burst out, but you can’t capture the words that will do it justice. His theories have significant consequences for language, I think, but I haven’t reached that far in my reading yet. On the other hand, the idea of Ideas having an essence of their own that can’t be adequately expressed verbally is pretty prevalent. Mutual understanding is required before communication can be effective. We need to have a shared framework of understanding.

Hence, Proclaiming the Irreducible-Teacher-Core. It’s proven difficult to arrive at the words to explain this. What I had so far includes: Authority-Responsibility-Professionalism. What I would like to add to this at this point includes the following:

Sincerity of purpose, to take the student by the mind and open the world to them; possibilities, potentialities.

I think this is starting to get somewhere……..?


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