What’s a Teacher- summary so far

What is the irreducible-core of being a teacher? Here, from three previous blogs (here, here, here) are some proffered characteristics:

1. The teacher must know what they are talking about, and the students must know that the teacher knows.

2. The teacher must really want the students to know what they, the teacher, know, and the students must know that, too.

3. Sincerity of purpose, to take the student by the mind and open the world to them; possibilities, potentialities.

4. Authority-Responsibility-Professionalism.

Some brief additional notes: point 1 encapsulates the need for the teacher to know what they are talking about, what they are teaching. And, this needs to be clear to the students, too. Point 2 takes it one step further; the teacher must really want to pass on that knowledge to the students, and this also must be clear to the students. Point 3, students know when their teacher is sincere about this, when the teacher is passionate (note, not necessarily emotional, but really convinced of the power of education), when the teacher wants the students to do as well as is possible, to stretch and grow. High expectations, yes, but also, high levels of possibilities, too. At root, the teacher needs to know that education is a gateway to possibilities. Point 4, a teacher has the Responsibility to make this happen (as far as is possible), and, hence, with Responsibility comes Authority…….Authority to organise the environment so that it can happen. And with Authority comes Responsibility. Authority and Responsibility are almost the very definition of Professionalism. Teaching is a Profession, and Teachers are Professionals (and I deliberately use capitals here). This all flows from Points 1-3. And there are consequences of being a Profession. ….(the subject of future blogs?)….

I’m pleased with progress. Do these resonate with you?


3 thoughts on “What’s a Teacher- summary so far

  1. chemistrypoet Post author

    This comment, via twitter from @ephemeral321:

    @Ephemeral321: @chemistrypoet Resonates for secondary – pastoral care can be met by others. Primary Teachers to take student by mind and ‘heart’ (pt 3.)

    I see this. The key difference between primary and secondary?


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