And the CP Blogger of the Year Award goes to….

Generally, I don’t like awards,…….or handing out praise beyond the odd ‘nice blog’….but, today I make an exception. Today, with the end of term upon edu-bloggers everywhere in the UK (most, anyway), I wish to declare a Blogger of the Year. But first, who was in the running?

I read a lot of edu-blogs (and often leave comments and/or tweet the blogger). Most I like. They are very varied. Some are very humorous, some are very erudite, some are very focused, and some are pointed, some are shocking, some are sad. Some bloggers are occasional, and some are prolific. I don’t, though, read all blogs. So this award is indicative, but not exhaustive. Also, I don’t represent any particular organisation, or any particular constituency (anonymous or otherwise). In short, this is a subjective award without a clear set of success criteria (sound familiar?). If you didn’t win, don’t despair…I am a fickle award giver, and next year you might be the recipient.

The winner of the 2013-2014 CP Blogger of the Year, for prolific, erudite, entertaining and, at times, sublimely fluent blog posts, goes to:

Tom Bennett (@tombennett71) for this blog. Congratulations Tom, and may the father of erudite invention smile down on you for another year.


One thought on “And the CP Blogger of the Year Award goes to….

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