Preface to (imaginary) Big Book of Tom Bennett’s (@tombennett71) Blog Posts

This is an experiment. When I mentioned, on Twitter, to Tom (@tombennett71) that he should publish a book of his blog posts, he was sceptical as to the wisdom of such a thing. For a start, they are already all available for free. But, I think nothing beats a book full of great writing. And, let’s be clear, this is very good writing: sharp, very funny, challenging, hurtling along at bullet train speeds, smashing through the buffers, exposing duffers…..wakes you up like a steaming hot cup of coffee to the face.

The experimental bit is that the book hasn’t been written yet. I’ve written this preface as a proof of concept. Let’s be clear; I don’t personally know Tom. I’m not a teacher. I’m anonymous, so I’m not about to know Tom any time soon, either. This is as objective as it gets, folks. The following book will delight you; it will make you laugh, it will make you cry, it will make you go “awwwww”. My favourite bits are the blogs based on the ‘Educating X’ TV series. These are purple-patch blogging; shockingly good….(to be honest, I gave up watching the TV programmes as they were a disappointment compared to TB’s blogs). Tom’s blogs are always chock-a-block full of cultural references (films, TV, history); contemporary, but, I suspect, also timeless (like Dr Who). It’s not yet clear what place the Blog has in literature; short essay? Long tweet? Nor what the longevity will be (another good reason to encapsulate the best examples in a book), but as a form it is becoming increasingly important as a democratic example of literature.

As I said, I’m not a teacher…I’m not even in education. These blogs don’t require such a thing. They touch Society, because education touches Society. Prefaces should be short (in my opinion), so, read on, and thank you for your attention.

(I imagine that the book editor will craft this preface into something acceptable; well, I hope so, anyway)


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