A blogpost on one of @tombennett71 ‘s blog posts

I pause to savour the anticipation. Before me lies my tablet, and it is displaying Tom’s (@tombennett71) latest blog post on the ongoing Saga that is Educating X (X=Cardiff in this instance). Tom is one of those very good writers, and his purple prose thrusts itself to the fore when he writes about Educating X. Energetic, erudite and enthralling. Golden, sparkly prose. Shockingly engaging surreal snippets which nevertheless nail it:
“Willows High A*-C GCSE pass rate was 14 per cent, which is approximately what you’d get if you just pinned the papers to a wall and trained zebras to spit jam at them as they cycled past.”
I don’t watch these programmes anymore. I can’t. They hurt too much. But I always read Tom’s blog posts on them. He interprets these dramas for us; brings out the guts of it, the core narratives……..the Truth; like a Prophet. The importance of the kids, and their teachers. The importance of education, and our (society) responsibilities to help make it really work. To unsentimentally slash through inequality and disadvantage. To see the potential, and unlock it.
Tom is famous now. Almost an household name (insert your own joke). But before he was the Great Good Behaviour Facilitator (Tsar for short), he wrote books and blisteringly good blogs. Before he invented Evidence in Education, and an organisation to bring it to the educating classes, Tom wrote blogs of substance. With his busy, growing fame-activity, I just hope he will always find the time to blog. Tom, Educating X (where X=us).


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