CP ‘Blogger of the Year 2015’ is David Didau (@learningspy), but @tombennett71 holds on to ‘Blogger of 5 year aggregate’

The CP blogger of the year award is not one of the big hitters. Success criteria are pretty vague, and the awarder (me) is fickle. The only previous winner (see here) was Tom Bennett (@tombennett71), whose writing style is manically engaging, culturally referential and sharp as a samurai sword. But although Tom has done enough this year to hold on to the new award of best blogger aggregated over 5 years (BBA5Y), alas he has been non-blog-wise-busy this year, and on a strictly annual basis does not win blogger (2015) of the year. That dubious honour goes to David Didau (@learningspy). 

Mr Didau’s blog post output is truly prodigious. He has produced a steady stream of pedagogical packed posts of challenge and illumination; erudite and almost embarrassingly honest. This year his new book was published, and we await his next book: Not Even Wrong.
Congratulations Mr Didau, and may your future blog posts continue to inspire reflection and pedagogical progress.


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