Gravitation (notes)

{And so, here I am. And, starting a sentence with and, too. On the page at least; grammar, grandma. You’ve got to be on the page to be in it, right?
But, I seriously doubt I have a book in me. Not just not a novel, note, but any kind of book. And I don’t mean that I can write a book, but no-one would publish it or want to buy it. No, I mean I don’t think I could even write anything that was book length. Even a short book. Notes, though; I can write notes. So, I’ll assume this is just a series of notes. (Noted.) This might be a series of blog posts……}
Gravitational waves have been detected. This is a big deal because physicists have been trying to do this for yonks. It’s not easy as the waves are very weak ripples in space-time. I’ve always found physics fascinating (since I knew what Physics is), but have also struggled to conceptually understand it (and deal with the maths) since first year University. Gravitation is one of those. I was able to follow Special Relativity, but General Relativity was (and is) way beyond me, and General Relativity is about gravitation. Basically, I struggle with the concept of space-time. But no more – I have decided to make a new attempt to understand it. To that end, I have bought Einstein’s book on Special and General Relativity (it hasn’t arrived yet). Will this be enough?…..(probably not; I read two books on Wittgenstein last year, or the year before, but still don’t understand him; but do appreciate that he was a big deal). Gravitation is a big deal, too, and it deserves my attention.
[I have bought a book about Gravitation before. In 1982 or 1983. But, it is way beyond my comprehension. Nevertheless, I have been into the loft and found it. Here it is. It is a text book, and over a thousand pages long. And it is stuffed with maths of a type I have never studied.]



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