Being anonymous means that I can’t write about what has actually happened in my life this year. This isn’t a great loss, to be honest. But, still. I can write about my social media year, though (not a great gain, actually).

Twitter is my main social media medium; although I’ve used it less this year. It’s still the breadth of views, and speed of news that I most value. I’m now following 800 accounts, and try to maintain a variety of points of view on my Time Line. For me, Twitter is really about continuing education; and 2016 has been quite an education. There are various aspects of using Twitter that are interesting; but I won’t write about them here.

My blog has seen different action this year compared to the two previous years. More poems and less about education (in fact, nothing at all about education – which surprised me when I checked back). Six posts cataloging my attempt to understand special and general relativity (Gravity), and three posts on the start of my journey to get to grips with Quantum Theory. I was very pleased with the Gravity posts as they reflected a genuine advance in my understanding of General Relativity; a subject that had always previously laid outside of my grasp. I’m no expert now, but understand the role of mathematics in this – to provide a language to express the issues, rather than provide an exact solution – a framework for thinking. The search for understanding of Quantum Theory goes on (and I have several new books on this which I plan to read this year); I’m not sure what level of understanding is possible, to be honest; this is tricky stuff. Needless to say, the number of views on the blog dropped by half this year.

Two new media for me this year. Firstly, Niume – a blogging platform, where blogposts must include graphical content. I posted all the Gravity and Quantum Theory posts on it. Second platform, Pinterest. My daughter introduced me to this (OK, I already knew it existed) this year. I started collecting Art pins (I also collect Science and other things) and have now amassed 3300 of them. This has been surprisingly mind expanding…..and introduced me to artists such as Pam Carter, Johnson Tang and Elizabeth Price.


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